Resurrecting Mars

by brandon spacey

Resurrecting Mars
by brandon spacey

Copyright © 2007 by SpaceBrew Productions.
All Rights Reserved.

Cover art and photograph by brandon spacey.

Second Edition

Smashwords Edition

For Callie, my stellar princess.

| CHAPTER one |


Donnie Oliver stood leaning against the large doorway of the machine shop, a cigarette dangling between his fingers. The wind blew his red hair about and his eyes made fluttering slits against the Arizona sun as he reached for his shades. With his other hand he wiped his forehead and flung small droplets of sweat against the slick concrete floor. A Hummer stood idling in the bay behind him, making small puddles of its own as the air conditioner condensed precious water. It was mid-May, but the non-winter months didn’t really stand up and differentiate themselves much in the desert. It was either stifling hot or it was winter.

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