The knights were lined up in perfect rows with their perfectly polished armor glistening in the sunlight. Every one of them had a long-sword at their side, the preferred weapon of their king.

“I don’t want to involve King Alric. He has enough to deal with without knowing his elite knights have been disrespectful.”

Kyrin frowned slightly, wondering what Finn was talking about. She knew how dedicated the knights were to Alric, and she was shocked that they were being accused of disrespecting him.

“You know what I’m talking about, and I won’t have it!” Finn yelled. Kyrin could tell the knights were nervous as their captain spoke. “Kyrin is the Lady of Valhara, like it or not, and any disrespect to her is disrespect to your king. Is that understood?”

Her nose wrinkled when she realized he was mad at the knights for how they treated her. She didn’t really care if they liked her or not. They went with her any time she left the castle grounds, and that was fine, because when they did they were usually silent and kept a watch out for Qualsax.

Qualsax had staged four more attacks on her, but each time, she had knights with her, and the warriors were easily dispatched. Kyrin had heard that knights would actually request to be her personal guard on outings, all because it gave them the chance to take on the Qualsax single-handedly.

Kyrin could protect herself, and everyone knew that, but if the knights wanted to fight, she let them. She only involved herself if she felt she was in danger at any point. So far, the knights had stayed ahead of the Qualsax, and she’d never been in any real danger.

Daemionis had backed off and was taking a watch and see approach. He used Kyrin to study the Valharans, and Sithias kept regular tabs on her too. It was dangerous to have an evil in his land, but with her use of magic and her extensive knowledge of fighting, he found her presence to be beneficial.

Kyrin hated when Alric was gone, and this time, he was supposed to be away for a month. Trox had gone with him to the elves, and she was just glad that Finn was around. Her first thought was to shift out of Paragoy and visit Creteloc in Paramide, but Alric had been concerned about her leaving and hadn’t told her why.

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