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What people are saying about Fergus, the Soccer-Playing Colt:

A charming book geared toward pre-teen boys. This story of a horse who dares to be different and the boys who embrace his uniqueness instead of trying to get him to conform gives the positive message that different can be good. There is plenty of action and adventure in this story that should appeal to young soccer fans and horse lovers alike. This likeable little horse finds himself in danger after the villain and his bumbling henchmen kidnap him. Will Fergus escape and find his way back to his beloved owner, Bobby? What will become of the little dog that has become his friend? Will the evil Rumble Smith get the punishment he deserves?

This book has enough suspense to keep me reading right to the satisfying epilogue. Fergus: The Soccer-playing Colt should interest even the most reluctant young reader.” — Katelyn Thomas, Roundtable Reviews

Fergus is a delightful polo pony colt that shows a natural talent as a soccer goalkeeper. He comes to the attention of an international audience and is taken on a tour of America’s major cities in a series of demonstration soccer matches. Along the way, Fergus is stolen by an unscrupulous rodeo stock dealer from West Texas. Will Bobby Simpson ever find him, especially now that his appearance has been altered by a cosmetologist ex-pro football player?

This is an excellent read for mid-grade boys and girls. Fergus the colt emerges as a character with his own personality, as does his pal, Bouncer the dog. The author emphasizes teamwork in both play and in the tracking down of the lost Fergus. He has given varied and interesting voices to all his characters, making them easy to delineate. This is an excellent book for reluctant readers.” — Bob Spear, Heartland Reviews

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