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Part II (Treatments)

Gene Therapy
Radiation Therapy
Immunization Therapy
Hormonal Manipulation
Monoclonal Antibodies
Common Cancer Terms in Lay Language
One Day at a Time
14 Bronze Plaques on the Positive Mental Attitude Walk
Road to recovery Plaques

Part III (for Supporters)

For Casual Supporters
About the Authors
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Often when a person hears of someone near and dear to them being told they have cancer, their first reactions are - what can I do, how do I treat them, what do I say to them? Possibly the worst thing you can do is to do nothing, ignore the situation and avoid any discussion for fear of saying and doing the wrong thing.

This book is written to help you understand the facts about cancer, its probable effects on the patient and their likely reactions to the diagnosis. This will enable you to better fill the needs of the patient, whether your relationship is casual or you are the primary supporter or somewhere in between.

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