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Uncertain Hand

David H. Garrett

Published by David Garrett at Smashwords

Copyright 2011 David H. Garrett

Chapter 1

Reb McConnehey’s face registered none of the excitement he now felt as he peered over his cards at the faces of the four dangerous men who just strode through the saloon door. Indeed his luck was finally turning, and not just because of the full house he held in his hand. At twenty-eight, Reb had spent half his life developing his poker face. And it was times like this that it was truly an asset.

Lean and blond, his boyish looks often aided him in both his vocation and his avocation. Gambling was the latter; bounty hunting was the former. Gamblers often mistook him for a novice, and bad men took him for a kid.

Reb tossed in a $20.00 gold piece. “See your five and raise you fifteen.”

He studied the desperados as they found a table near the back wall. Indeed Lady Luck was with him tonight. The bounties on the four outlaws totaled more than $1000 – five hundred on Bob Barger, two-fifty a piece on Rob Reese and Ted Foley, and one hundred Tom Smelley. Of course, collecting the bounties without backup was no cinch. The smart thing to do would be to find the local lawmen and enlist their aid. That would mean sharing the reward, assuming the local law would have the fortitude and experience to make the arrest. Anyway one approached it, it would probably be a messy situation. Barger was a cold blooded killer and the rest of the crew were just as mean. Taking them alive would be difficult if possible at all, and a lot of innocent blood could be spilled in the process.

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