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Several streams of refugees are heading for the Chevakian capital. Southerners by train, Chevakians by road, into a city that is tragically unprepared, a country in turmoil with a leader whose support hangs by the merest thread.

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Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 Patty Jansen

Cover image Copyright 2011 Patty Jansen

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Note to US readers

This ebook uses Australian/UK spelling and punctuation conventions, such as single quotes and -ise verb endings (realise, not realize). We use the letter u in words like colour and humour. We also have Mums, not Moms, torches, not flashlights, and the word tire is the third person conjugation of the the verb to tire, and the black things on cars are called tyres.

The differences between US and UK/Aus English are small, subtle and at times, amusing. Prepare to be amused.

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