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Christmas INC

Published by Ed O’Connell at Smashwords.

Copyright © 2011 Ed O’Connell. All rights reserved.

Cover Art © Ed O’Connell.

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


Santa packed the last of his things into the flimsy cardboard box the HR consultant had provided to him. Two thousand one hundred and eleven years on the job, and they wouldn’t even let him keep the sack, never mind the red suit. He looked down sadly, pulling at the pockets of the tailor-made Italian wool suit that the third Mrs Claus had ordered for him; no doubt she’d foreseen this moment, while the others had swallowed the promise that there’d be no changes to key personnel.

Ho, ho, ho indeed,” he muttered to himself, drawing an exasperated “what?” from the new Head of Company Security, who’d been posted at his door to escort him from the premises.

He ignored the thick-necked man leaning in the doorway and sat in his chair for one last time. He leaned back and surveyed his office, shaking his head. It was so peaceful in here; he felt as if he was sitting outside, with all the space in the world. Two thousand one hundred and eleven years, he thought. It was a lifetime really. What would he do now? Help Mrs. Claus with her charity luncheons? Golf? He didn’t have to worry about money, at least; his ten percent stake in the business meant that he’d netted a small fortune from the sale. For him, the money just gave rise to another question: what would he do with it?

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