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Foreword by Vincent T. DeVita, Jr., M.D.
Director of the National Cancer Institute

Copyright © 2008 R. A. Bloch Cancer Foundation

Published by R.A. Bloch Cancer Foundation at Smashwords

R.A. Bloch Cancer Foundation
A not-for-profit corporation
The Cancer Hot Line
One H&R Block Way
Kansas City, Missouri 64105

First Printing May 1985
Second Printing May 1988
Third Printing October 1989
Fourth Printing July 1990
Fifth Printing May 1991
Sixth Printing July 1992
Seventh Printing March 1995
Eighth Printing March 1998
Ninth Printing October 1998
Tenth Printing January 1999
Eleventh Printing October 2002
Twelfth Printing April 2005
Thirteenth Printing August 2008
eBook version December 2011

Cover design by Gary Worth Cover
photography by Mick McGee
eBook conversion by Mike Lyon

Editor’s Preface

I was terrified that I would lose my father, Richard Bloch, after he was diagnosed with stage III lung cancer and given three months to live. That was March of 1978. Thank God he sought a second opinion, underwent a long and difficult treatment and was completely cured! For the remaining 26 years of his life, my father devoted himself to helping other people fight cancer, and my mother joined him in that mission.

In 1984, my parents finished writing Fighting Cancer. They handed it to me to edit and publish. This is the thirteenth printing, and with each printing as I read through Fighting Cancer, I am surprised at how good it is!

We have periodically revised the book to make sure that the statistics and treatments are current. In this edition, the University of Kansas Cancer Center staff aided us in updating the contents. I want to especially thank Lynn Marzinski RN MSN AOCN CNS for her work on this revision.

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