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We receive letters regularly from people who have found Fighting Cancer to be extremely helpful. As long as that is the case, we will continue to distribute the book. So, even though my father passed away a (from heart failure, not cancer!), my family and I with the wonderful support of our dedicated staff and volunteers will continue with my father’s mission of helping the next person who gets cancer. This book is my father’s voice start to finish; it sounds just like him. I hope you, too, can hear Dad’s voice as you read, and that his unsinkable spirit will inspire and assist you as it has so many others.

-- Linda Bloch Lyon


This book is written for and dedicated to the people with cancer who want to do everything in their power to help themselves and their doctor so they will have the best chance of beating their disease.

Five days after I was told I had “terminal” lung cancer, another doctor told me he would cure me so I could work for cancer. I promised that if he did, I would. CANCER…there’s hope, Fighting Cancer and Guide For Cancer Supporters are three of the many projects we are working on to fulfill that promise. We trust this book will provide you with the knowledge, hope, inspiration and desire to successfully fight your disease.

One woman wrote to us saying, “Last August 24, I had surgery for ovarian cancer. The doctor said the cancer had spread throughout the abdominal cavity and he saw no point in putting me through chemotherapy or radiation. He felt I should live whatever time I had left in peace and dignity. I refused to accept that and decided to read everything I could on my enemy. One of the first books I read was Richard Bloch’s CANCER…there’s hope. After reading this, I started practicing “imaging” and continued to read and practice attitudinal healing. When the doctor next saw me, he was so surprised at my appearance and progress, he decided to go ahead with chemotherapy. The cancer now seems to be localized in one mass that should be removable by surgery... I feel I owe a great deal to Mr. Bloch’s books...”

We know everyone cannot beat cancer. If this book helps just one person overcome their problem, all our efforts will be worthwhile. Maybe that one person can be you.

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