Love and Sin

Sin #8

Kenneth Guthrie

Smashwords Edition

Lunatic Ink Publishing

Copyright 2012 Lunatic Ink Publishing (Founded by Kenneth Guthrie)

Love could not love. In fact, all he could do was hate. He hated this place in particularly: The world of his enemy, Sin.

Good Doctor Deformed. Will you please tell me why we need to talk to these fools?”

Deformed laughed wickedly. His creation lumbered along beside him.

Because the demons of this world weak, but we can use their numbers to assist us. Isn’t that right, Havoc?”

The thing nodded as if it understood. Love rubbed his eye and looked at it again. Every time he did that he would see the human that was connected with the soul. Its fear and agony were beautiful, but the idea of this function of food and feaster did not sit well with him. He would need to do away with these two when he managed to bring agony to this world and free Satan and his hordes to rape this world of its innocence.

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