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Mr. Stork and Ms. Heron

and Other Russian Folk Tales

retold by Oksana Vasilenko

Copyright Oksana Vasilenko 2011

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Mr. Stork and Ms. Heron

Mr. Stork lived on a marsh in a very nice house made of reeds. There were plenty of frogs and fish to eat and life seemed to be very good indeed. Except it was somewhat boring.

One day Mr. Stork was standing on one leg, as was his habit, and looked into the calm waters beneath. From the water a stork was looking back at him.

‘I wish I had someone to talk to,’ Mr. Stork sighed.

‘Croak, croak! You need to get married!’ someone said.

Mr. Stork looked around and saw an old toad sitting on a mossy rock.

‘Living alone is always boring,’ the toad said. ‘You need a family. At the other end of the marsh lives Ms. Heron. Why don’t you propose to her?’

And with this, the old toad disappeared into the reeds.

‘Get married?’ Mr. Stork said thoughtfully. ‘It may not be such a bad idea. It would be nice to have someone waiting for me at home. And in the evening we could watch sunsets together and listen to the chorus of crickets… Yes, it’s a very good idea.’

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