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Tank #6

Kenneth Guthrie

Smashwords Edition

Lunatic Ink Publishing

Copyright 2012 Lunatic Ink Publishing (Founded by Kenneth Guthrie)

Jen moved quietly through the forest. Years of training and war after bloody war had given her an unprecedented instinct when it came to getting followed. Right now there were several men behind her and they were eager to get at her.

She rounded a bend and came across a path in the forest. Her informant should be nearby, but she didn’t want to risk revealing him if these men decided to be patient and find out why she was in the woods anyway.

The path went on for a long way and she followed it straight ahead. A plan was already forming in her head.

About 50 meters from where she had gotten on the track, she ducked into the woods. Moving silently, she came around and followed the path to where the followers were likely to come out of the bush.

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