Mormon Stories and a Novella


Douglas Thayer

Zarahemla Books

Provo, Utah

For Dean and Gayle

© 2012 by Douglas Thayer. All rights reserved. Published in the United States of America by Zarahemla Books, Provo, Utah. Smashwords Edition.

The previously published stories in this collection appear by permission: “The Red-Tailed Hawk,” “Brother Melrose,” “Ice Fishing,” “Wolves,” and “Carterville” first appeared in Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought; “The Gold Mine” and “Dolf” in Mr. Wahlquist in Yellowstone, published by Peregrine Smith Books; “Crow Basin” in Proving Contraries: A Collection of Writings in Honor of Eugene England, published by Signature Books; and “The Locker Room” in Irreantum.

Table of Contents

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