Shadow Chasers, A Short Story

Raymond Daley

Copyright 21/9/94 by Raymond Daley

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Shadow Chasers, A Short Story

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Shadow Chasers, A Short Story

It's raining tonight but I can still see my shadow, And I'm afraid.

Now I'm not sure if I wanted to get Jimmy that badly. I don't know why I'm writing this down, maybe it's to just check that I can still do the simple things.

Anyway, to tell you about me is to tell you about Jimmy as well, so here it is. Me and Jimmy went to school together, so I guess you could say I've known him about twenty odd years. And believe me, they have been some pretty odd years. Jimmy had always acted like he wanted to lord it over everyone and by the time we were sixteen he pretty much was the dominant one. I'd always thought of him as my friend but I think he thought I was his personal slave and gopher.

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