What Others are Saying about Hoodie

Wow! What a read! This is a superb book with everything thrown in the melting pot! Romance, drugs, crime, teenage angst and social commentary are cleverly interwoven to produce a superb book. Brendon Lancaster should be very proud!’ ~ Self Publishing Magazine

...a top novel...’ ~ Paddington and Westminster Times

‘…clockwork orange with a twist…would make a good film…’ ~ John F.

‘…a compelling dialogue and impressive depth of character development…a slightly surreal rites-of-passage…I particularly enjoyed the boys’ relationships with the girls, which felt suitably confused and hormonal.’ ~ H. Davis, Freelance Script Reader

I have recently read your book 'Hoodie' with great pleasure. What a great book, with a breathtaking ending!’ ~ Emma Brocklehurst

Brendon Lancaster’s first novel is written well and I found myself feeling for the characters. Everyone will be able to relate to some aspect of the flawed personalities. But it must be noted that my favorite part to this novel was the last chapter -Can You See Me, where the author incorporates a personal poem. I found it poignantly emotional and authentic as well as an original concept to arrange an entire chapter that way as well as provide a clear and perfect ending to the story. I give this novel four out of five HOTS’ ~ Ami Blackwelder, Hot Gossip, Hot Reviews

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