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Kate Walker

First published in Australia in 1989
by Allen & Unwin Australia Pty Ltd.

Published by Kate Walker at Smashwords 2011.

Text copyright Kate Walker 1989

Cover Illustration copyright Laurie Sharpe

ISBN 978-1-4658-3732-5

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, without the prior written permission of the author or subsequent copyright holder.
All characters are fictitious and any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.

Table of Contents
1 Enter the Dragon
2 Miss Krissy of Mith
3 The Townspeople in the Dell
4 The Extra-Special Meeting
of the Society of the
Hermits of the Dell

5 Lunch Break
6 The Trouble with Turkeys
7 The Menu of Mith
8 Return to Mith
9 Turkey’s Delight
10 Maid of Mith
11 Sausages Supreme
12 Breakfast Drags On
13 Sausages and Whispers
14 Rock-Tottering in the Dell
15 Door-Knocking in the Dell
16 Hermit’s Stew
17 Jacob’s Plan
18 Much at Stake
19 An Itch in Time
20 Knot-Knowing
21 The Hermit Goes Mithing
22 One Last Snag
23 Or So the Slaying Goes
24 Miths Crisps
25 Turkey Talk and Trousers
26 The Corresponding Slayers
27 Morning in Mith
28 Whosoever Wears This Crown …
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