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Jake entered the Turner house with precaution. The 911 call was from a hysterical woman. However, there wasn't a sound in the old two-story house now. The door creaked as he closed it, and pulled his gun. Something had been amiss surely or the woman wouldn't have sounded so desperate.

Nevertheless, where was she?

He cocked the gun and waited. Nothing.

"Hello…anyone home?" He called, not knowing who else might be there.

"I'm up here, please…come quickly…," she gasped loudly.

Jake ran quickly up the stairs, but he couldn't tell where the voice had come from.

"Ma'am? Where are you?" Jake called.

"I'm in the bathroom, please hurry," she sounded scared.

Jake heard the voice coming from his left and saw the door barely cracked. He pushed the door open with the tip of his gun and it swung open.

The woman was in the bathtub. Jake scanned the room, until his eyes landed on the villain with a jolt. No matter how many calls he had during his term as Deputy Sheriff he hadn't had one like this before. A rattlesnake bigger than Texas hissed, as it slid about the bathtub fixture.

Reacting with lightning speed Jake spoke firmly, but softly, "Don't scream, or move…ma'am."

In a flash he fired his gun and the snake slithered into the tub with the woman, along with a splattering of blood, faucet, and water.

She let out a horrid scream and tried to move away from the blood oozing toward her, the snakehead floated on top the water.

"Oh my God…" she wailed. She looked at the snake, then the man leering at her from the doorway. She moved away from the snakehead and blood, but she'd scooted herself up in the tub until the man could see her breast. She'd lost her washrag in her rush to move away from the snakehead, there was nowhere to hide. What was she supposed to do now? He'd already seen half of her, but she still crimsoned."Oh…please, could you throw me the towel and my robe behind you?"

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