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“A chilling look at what extreme socialized medicine could become in the hands of a dictatorial medical regime. . . Would make an excellent discussion topic for a book club.” —

“A brilliant twist on dystopianism. . . . The book builds just the right amount of tension, and shows the stark reality of benevolent tyranny, one that any so-called democracy could creep towards quite easily.” —Prometheus

“Grips the attention with the raw immediacy of the problems. . . . It asks the sort of questions only SF can pose, and paints a vivid picture of where failing to answer those questions might lead. . . . Stewards is the kind of SF I’ve been craving!” —Jacqueline Lichtenberg (author of the Sime/Gen series), Monthly Aspectarian

Promise of the Flame

(The Hidden Flame Series, Book Two)


Sylvia Engdahl

Copyright © 2009 by Sylvia Louise Engdahl

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