Fireworks and Area 51

Kenneth Guthrie

Smashwords Edition

Lunatic Ink Publishing

Copyright 2012 Lunatic Ink Publishing (Founded by Kenneth Guthrie)

Ed sat in his chair watching the others putting together the skyrockets that they would be using for the small community fireworks show. It should have been a pleasant enough event, but it wasn’t.

He could still remember his meeting this morning with the council. Ed had sat down with Jim and Lance from the accounting department. The news that they had spelled out quite clearly to Ed said that this was going to be the last time that they would be able to afford to have this festival.

The community had slowly become smaller and smaller and the tax revenue was needed for educating the kids. Not for festivals, which few if any of the people who lived in this poor farming town could afford.

He set down the tube he was filling with powder. It was probably time for him to tell Nick, his one and only worker and almost as old as he was.

The door opened and gave Ed a reprieved from the torturous task of telling Nick that they were going out of business. They both knew they couldn’t compete with the Chinese companies that were popping out billions of fireworks a year and importing them at super cheap prices to consumers who just didn’t know the difference between good and bad fireworks.

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