Game Boy

by Gordon Houghton

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Gordon Houghton

for all the many friends I've made online



It’s unreal.

The power. The control. The lightness of the weapon in my hand. I soar across the valley and land with the softest of footfalls. No one hears me. No one sees me until it’s too late. I am the Angel of Death descending upon my enemies.

I run, a frenzy of running, my fingers twitching over the twin triggers; I leap across a narrow stream and wait. But there’s no one else here, not even him. They’re hiding. They’re afraid. I hear panicked gunfire in the distance and smile, wondering if the killing has already begun. I glide toward the sound on feet of air — and I am in the zone now. My whole being shrinks to hands that bond with the buttons they press, eyes that see only a landscape of rocks, trees and crags. I am absorbed by this world, it wraps me in wonder, it’s like being a child again, nothing else matters. And I surrender myself gladly. I am at ease here, in this place of birdsong and water and death.

First blood!

One of my opponents has made the kill. I know it’s him, I don’t need to bring up the stats. He always follows the same pattern: he wipes out the others, then he comes for me. It’s a way of demonstrating his superiority; worse than that, it disturbs my concentration. Instant reflexes, minor muscle adjustments and the ability to learn and analyse your enemy’s behaviour are vital to a killer’s armoury; but without a cool, efficient mind, they’re useless. I sense the inevitability of defeat… But perhaps this time will be different, this time I’ll win. If I can attack when he’s distracted, or find a secure place to deliver the one shot that will defeat him — the fatal head wound — I can be the last man standing after all.

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