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An Acquired Taste

By Robert G. Moons

Copyright 2011 Robert G. Moons

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Smashwords Edition


The massive battle class star cruiser entered system S-394 and proceeded directly towards the system’s second planet well ahead of schedule. The flagship, and pride of the Gulrathian fleet was as black as the darkest of nights; the multitude of gun ports on its bow made it instantly clear as to its function. Shaped somewhat like a gigantic manta ray, it glided silently toward the small, unsuspecting planet – truly the calm before the greatest of storms.

The Gulrathian Empire was the dominant power in this sector of space. A warrior race, they lived for conquest, the glory of battle, and the spoils of war. Race after race fell before them only to be enslaved and forced to work for the Gulrathion war machine. A cruel race, twisted and corrupted by greed for power, they were the disease that infected every system they claimed.

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