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Jesus is LOVE

By Kate Everson

Copyright 2011 Kate Everson

Smashwords edition

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Beyond religion is Love.

It comes from the spiritual heart, the link to the eternal, to what we call God.

In Christian terms, it is interpreted as Jesus.

This link connects us to the infinite source of all Love, the creative power that is given by divine Grace to all the creation.

We are that.

Love is our birthright. Our God gave it to us the second he gave us breath upon this earth. Yet all our lives we keep searching for it, as if it were somewhere else.

Do we find love in a lover? Probably not. A lover can only appreciate you, and make you feel loved. But that is just a bandage for the pain of separation. It cannot last forever. It cannot stir your soul. It can only be a temporary solution to a lifelong quest.

The real Love is in you. Not outside of you.

Do we find love in our families? Again, this is not eternal. It dies with the flesh. How long can a mother love her child? As long as she can. How long does real Love last? Beyond death. Inside your forever soul, Love goes on.

All our lives we have a hunger for this elusive Love. We seek it out. We find it, then lose it again.

But real Love cannot be lost. Once you find the link, the Jesus connection, you are on the right road.

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