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Alex Frost Meets The Killer

By Mortimer Jackson

Copyright 2011

The Morning Dread

Smashwords Edition

Dedicated to Alex Frost, who started it all

My mother once told me that it is important never to judge a book by its cover. If you are holding this book in front of you (or reading it online as the case may be), then most likely you have already judged this book by its cover, and if you are now staring down the first page (which would be this, by the way), then you have already deemed it worthy of your attention. And while I am glad that you are reading this book, chances are you have already violated the ever-important rule of never judging a book by its cover. And for that my dear reader, I must say, for shame.

But fret not. For among you there are many who make blind assumptions. Not just of books, but of people too. You probably remember seeing your neighbors for the very first time, and thinking to yourself for no particular reason that they seemed like nice people. And when they decided to tie you up and loot your home, you probably came to realize that this judgment had failed you. Much in the same way as if man comes to your door telling you that he wants to be your friend, but later turns out to be a salesman, or a Russian spy. Or when you see a large grey fin sticking out from the water as you’re swimming on the beach, only to find that much to your disappointment, the fin doesn’t belong to a shark, but a man pulling a prank.

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