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Every year on the same night, Regina White and Tyler Harrison relive the past. They leave their everyday lives behind - jobs, home, kids - and check into the same two rooms in the Piedmont Hotel where they first met years ago: #510 and #512, with a connecting door.

Rumors fly among the staff, and newlywed receptionist Elizabeth thinks she’s got the situation all figured out—but...

* * *

“Looks can be deceiving in this adorable, sweet and romantic story of love shared.”

Dru’s Book Musings


The woman in room 512 got to the hotel first.

Elizabeth was behind the front desk, and at first, she didn’t know who the new guest was. She’d been at the Piedmont for less than six months, and hadn’t seen Mrs. 512 before.

She’d heard rumors, though. A lot of them, lately. Those who had been working here longer said Mrs. 512 had been coming to the Piedmont for seven or eight years. Always on the same night. Always to the same room.

As had he. Mister 510.

Elizabeth rolled her eyes. Privately, of course. The Piedmont had too much class for anything else, and Mrs. Dugan the front desk manager was always getting on her for inappropriate behavior. But really, who did they think they were kidding? Every year like clockwork, two separate reservations, two different names, always the same two rooms with a connecting door between. And just look at the woman’s hand. If that thin white line at the base of the third finger wasn’t from a missing wedding band, Elizabeth was a mongoose.

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