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Monologue for performance


Leni Sands

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 @ Leni Sands

Part One

[Setting: - fade into a bare, grey squared room with one small, barred window high on the facing wall, one small table and two chairs. A dark haired, middle-aged slim built woman with a pale complexion and grey eyes is slouched in the chair on the left, elbows on the table, rubbing her hands together in a washing motion. She is not quite facing the camera. She is wearing a long black jersey dress and black pumps. In front of her is an open packet of cigarettes and a lighter. Opposite her, on the table are a folder, some loose paper, a pen, and a tape recorder, which is switched on. The chair on the right is turned away from the table. She is talking to someone off screen…]

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