The Human Mankind

Pablo L.Mainzer

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010-Pablo L.Mainzer


Dear Reader,

This book is permeated by the idea of Utopia. But would you know how to define Utopia? I'll try to help you with this task:

It is easy to see that in all definitions, the meaning of "Utopia" is a goal difficult to reach. In fact there are two opposite characteristics of utopias: an infeasible and feasible. The first would include the illusion to control by man nature occurrences, such as earthquakes, erupting volcanoes, lightning, tornadoes, etc., which are known to belong to exclusionary clauses in insurance contracts - called "acts of God." On the other hand, the second utopia includes facts-controlled behavior, will and actions of human beings, and this is influencing the content of this book.


Charles Hold, a man of advanced age, in one of his sleepless nights with wandering mind, recalled the comment at a meeting of friends about the exceptional character of a mutual acquaintance. They concluded with the unavoidable assessment, "If all people were equal to him, the world would be different!"

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