Decoding the Executive Woman’s

Dress Code

By John Agno and Barb McEwen

ISBN: 978-09758561-4-7

Copyright 2011-John Agno and Barb McEwen

Smashwords Edition

If you are serious about being promoted, then take heed.

There is one problem that career women face that often goes unaddressed. It is what it means to be wearing the right clothes.

A woman’s wardrobe is an essential component of her presentation.

It is as important as her hand- shake, her eye contact and her attitude.

The faux pas many women make is that they believe their wardrobe is a reflection of who they are. They are attempting to project their distinctiveness and their individuality. Others prefer to wear what is comfortable thinking that this is appropriate since they’ve noticed others in the office also dress this way. And then there are those who want to be known for their style and creativity. They want to stand out from the crowd.

All these women, instead of sending the right message they are signaling to those above that they are not a team player, that they are not ready for promotion. The mistake is that they don’t view the clothes they wear to work as their corporate uniform.

If you’re like most women, this is eye opening. Don’t lose the point that the real purpose of “the uniform” isn’t for erasing your identity; its purpose reflects the symbolism that “you’re part of the team.” It creates a visual representation of a common goal and a shared purpose.

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