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An eye for an eye

"This state is elevating, as the hurt turns into hating."

The chanting grew louder and louder echoing within the derelict stadium, people twirled and danced around in a circle, black robes swishing like moths. The black candles surrounding the body flickered briefly, purple smoke swirled lazily from the flames. The room felt warm, the purple smoke distorting the cavorting people. They stopped dancing, surrounding the corpse, still chanting monotonous under their breaths, their leader, a giant of a man with shoulder length hair streaked blood red, pulled an athame from under his robe.

"Bring the sacrifice!"

Two robe clad people entered the room dragging a small, brown goat on a leash. The chants grew louder, people began to sway, the candles flickered violently. The goat was brought before the man.

"I give you blood, Master, for blood, a life for a life!"

The man kneels down, grabbing the goats head and slowly brings the knife across its throat. Steaming blood runs down dripping onto the lifeless body, the goat jerks and twitches, as its life's blood ebbs away.

"Take this offering and give us life, Master!"

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