Lord Gryffon, Layna’s love interest, reveals himself to be a spy for the neighboring country of Treymayne which has been cut off from Gelendan for hundreds of years by a magical barrier. After discovering that the mysterious mark that appeared on Layna’s neck when she dabbled in the forbidden art of magic meant she was a descendant of the Dark King, a ruler who was responsible for the Massacre; and that the new King of Gelendan also had this mark and appeared to be following in the evil man’s footsteps, Layna and Gryffon determined that they needed help.

They set off to enlist the aid of Gryffon’s countrymen in Treymayne, but first had to figure out how to get past the magical barrier whose properties had suddenly changed so that not even a message could get through. They meet Aileen, a cryptic but knowledgeable old woman, who helps them dissolve the barrier, allowing them to pass. Aileen has grand ideas of a great slumbering evil which is awakening and against which she believes Layna will be an invaluable asset.

Though Gryffon and Layna are skeptical about her proclamations of doom, they do deliver their warning to the officials in Treymayne that evidence of blood-magic and the new King, King Nathair’s involvement in it in Gelendan. Unfortunately, their claims are discredited by an emissary that the King sends who turns out to be none other than Lady Jezebel, Layna’s former mistress. The lady’s insatiable quest for power and revenge had led her to be torn apart by a pack of hellhounds she had created, but King Nathair saved her and has been magically reconstructing her body and mind for his own uses.

Lady Jezebel can’t remember the reason for her abhorrence of the two, but her hatred has withstood King Nathair’s spells. Therefore, she hatches a scheme to poison Layna, which only partially works. Layna is saved by King Nathair’s intervention as he is drawn to her both because of her magical power and because of their shared mark. Katya, a woman who has been enslaved by Jezebel’s father into a life as his personal assassin learns of Layna’s predicament through King Nathair’s bond to her and shows up to further heal Layna. Unfortunately, she remains in a coma even after her body has healed and Gryffon and Katya are both dedicated to awakening her.

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