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by Dr. Robert L Silva II M.A APD CBST LLC


Dec 2011 Copyright 2011 December West Indies Trade Company of California



A Counter Domestic Terrorism Movement

Of violence of all violence in the system, in life, in eating , breathing in walking in talking in living, in the court room, in the office in the bedroom, in store, in the bathroom, in the living in television in the radio, in our relationships in our life, in our homes, in our hospitals in our schools in our universities in our colleges in the police in the government in our lives, in our courts, in our friends in our actions, in our mind in our consciousness in our smiles and tears we must resist the urge to abuse ourselves and others in our world. Sabotage is Terrorism and Terrorism is abuse home invasion, stealing mail, ripping clothes, food poisoning and tampering , computer hacking, identity theft, bank account stealing, spraying tubes, Satellite pressuring, and document alteration is ABUSE and DOMESTIC TERRORISM

PLEASE JOIN THE RESISTANCE, be a part of this movement and support this cause is to REMOVE ABUSE from you life. The Institute of Human Rights and Democratic Studies (IHRDS) is in fore front in ending abuse in the world. By creating the awareness through international social consciousness we need to understand the law exists to end all abuses. The International Covenant of Cultural and Political Rights international is the treaty that is the law. By donating and becoming a part of this RESISTANCE MOVEMENT to end domestic violence that is beyond borders and ideologies . WE STOP TERRORISM. Government agents sometimes do the ABUSE.

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