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The Bridge

By C.B. Hoffman

Published by C.B. Hoffman at Smashwords

Copyright C.B. Hoffman 2010

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The night brushed over her like warm, dark velvet, carrying the thick scent of wet pavement. There were no streetlights here, just the discreet lights of the restaurant glowing sallow behind them. The gaudy neon from places farther down the street was hushed to wavering splashes of color poured out onto the wet asphalt. Lana tipped her head back to look at the stars tossed carelessly across the sweep of dark sky, where they clung, pale and indistinct.

A sudden swirl of breeze caused the skirt of her red silk dress to brush teasingly against his legs. She slid a glance toward the man who walked beside her. She saw him in faded jeans rather than the dark slacks, and in a rocker tee shirt rather than the silk button-down with the power tie. It was part of an image pasted in her mind like a cracked photo in an old album, a frozen moment of the wind blowing his hair into his face as he gave her a crooked, sideways grin and watched her climb the three steps to her front door. Her mother had always watched from the window, not aware that the twitch of the old checked curtains betrayed her.

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