By Mary Tate Engels

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Copyright 2011 by Mary Tate Engels

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Holding out for rainbows. . .

In the shadows, she could see Holt's angular face and his dark, tired eyes. Her scrutiny dropped briefly to his mouth where she imagined placing hers.

Holt leaned forward, letting their lips brush with a soft kiss.

Lacy trembled at his light caress. A part of her wanted to accept the full force of his kiss. Another part wanted to turn and run. She felt slightly dizzy with his overpowering nearness. Attracted to his earthy fragrance, she wanted to fling herself into the strength he exuded. But she didn't... couldn't. She moved to the door.

"I hope the kiss wasn't inappropriate, Your Honor."

"It was ahhh... nice."

"Nice? Is that the best I can do?" He pretended to pout.

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