All of us can do something to help children in need, and this perceptive book explains exactly how. We all own, legally and ethically, the parenting of children who have been abused or neglected, and we are all responsible for how our systems try to cope in our name. This is a community problem that demands a community response. The crisis of babies in Foster Care impacts every one of us, because their untreated problems grow up right alongside the children, and become more costly and harder to treat as they grow older. We should all care about these children because they are human beings. We should also care greatly because done badly, our government interventions create lifetimes of vastly expensive broken grownups.”

Peter Samuelson, President and Co-Founder, First Star, Inc,

“Holly Schlaack’s book reads like a novel, yet her 12 action steps give professionals and concerned community members the tools to help these children who have suffered at the hands of their parents and sometimes the system itself.”

Thomas R. Lipps, Retired Judge, Juvenile Court, Hamilton County, Ohio

“Read this book and you will understand how tragic it is when the needs of abused and neglected children are forgotten. Fortunately, Holly also offers practical ways you can help assure they get what all children deserve – safe, permanent homes, with people who love them, secure in the knowledge that their futures are important.”

Michael S. Piraino, CEO, National CASA Association

“Those of us who work in the child welfare system quickly be-come experts in human suffering. We live and work in a world that is foreign to most. But in order for our society to accept responsibility for helping and healing these children, their courageous stories must be told. Holly Schlaack has so eloquently shared the heartbreak, misery, and sometimes joy that is the daily life of those who live and work in the system. She has used her case-by-case experience and her passion for these children to attempt to influence public policy by capturing our hearts. This book brings the reader into the real world of child welfare, a world we all need to learn more about if we are to save these wonderful children.”

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