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Dr. Robert L Silva Copyright 2011 with the West Indies Trade Company of California

The promotion of freedom between states is to assure guarantees that relation between states do not promote or encourage dangers to another state. The scope of International security encompasses many aspects not just war making capabilities. When war or conflict occurs, it could be a failure of security measures or international guarantees to promote safety or well being (rights) of other states. One state's security is another state's obligation to that state. When another state fails to uphold its obligation or just refuses to take in account another states safety (rights). What does a state do to promote it own safety (rights)?

International security could be obtained through two methods: The first, institutional type cooperation (legal framework) through checks and balances based entitlement protection based on supra-norms (collective security). Conflict resolution is done through the rule of law which does not involve violence or economic sanctions (coercion) but rational discourse, examples, United Nations, International Court of Justice. (Compensation mechanisms) but many scholars argue that it takes coercive force to operate effectively.1 The environment is anarchic and power promotes peaceful interaction and assures guarantees of peace for the individual state.

The second method, or the only method according some scholars to guarantee safety (rights) is through coercion (threat of use of force) 2economic (denial of trade)3 or show of military power (difficult to dominate)4, which promotes deterrence which has to do with fungible power. Power is based on major components according to Waltz, large population for an army, large territory, iron ore, oil, leadership and technology the reasoning is based from the assumption to stop the ability to be dominated. The preponderance of power is to gain in power projection and sustaining to deter rival aggressive states. Methods of balancing have to do with economics because the ability to create and to hinder the creation and maintenance of a military.5 Deterrence is achieved when no state can dominate or become an aggressor without threatening its own survival, (balancing power). This is to promote the status quo of interstate relations does involve violent conflict. The ultimate balance of power is mutual assured destruction each state’s survival is at stake, promotes peaceful interaction.

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