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BJ, I am going to make you a … a proposition.”

Was Brian here because of some destiny she was supposed to fulfill? He apparently thought so. It occurred to her that maybe, just maybe, he was right. Here she was hiding out in Roslyn, pretending to be just a ‘normal’ girl. She wasn’t normal by the standard definition. She wasn’t normal actually by any definition.

He paused and sat patiently a moment, waiting for her to absorb what he had told her. She could see he wanted her to calm down, because she wasn’t calm, not at all. And then she thought of him—and the tears started to flow again. She swiped at them roughly and scanned his face. She already sensed he had told her the truth, but she saw something else in his weary eyes. She saw desperation and need. He needed her to believe that he was a Druid priest. He needed her to listen to him—and something else just under the surface.

Perhaps the general public didn’t believe that there were high Druid priests, many with specific powers born into their make-up and passed on through the generations. But BJ had good reason to think otherwise: she was a Fios.

He took her hands and played with her dainty fingers a moment before he looked directly into her dark blue eyes, and said, “BJ, I am going to make you a … a proposition.”

She released a short laugh, and there was tease in the sound. “Brian Carrick!”

“A decent proposition,” he added at once.

“And what might that be?”

“BJ, I need you to marry me.” He waved his hand for silence immediately and hurried on, adding, “but if you accept to do will be in harm’s way.”

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