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“Okay, buddy, you ready?” Danny Adler asked his son, Seth, as they got out of the car in front of the Miller Hebrew Academy. The question was so mundane, so ordinary yet nothing about the day felt ordinary. Every day since the death of his wife a year ago had been heavy and dark, much like the overcast sky that threatened stormy weather later. Yet it was all Danny could think to say as he and his young son approached Seth’s new school -- the same school Danny himself had attended as a child. It had been years since he’d seen the old place, years since he’d given any thought whatsoever to the town of Crestview, New York, and his childhood there. And if it hadn’t been for Livvie’s death and the promise he’d made to her late one night as she lay in bed as cancer ravaged her body, he would never have given any thought to returning to the town he’d once called home.

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