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In the land of the blue

Tracy Searight Dibert

I am sitting here waiting it is getting so late. I keep watching the calendar, I keep watching the date. The days keep on passing, the season have changed. It’s moving so fast this all seems so strange but if I keep on moving this could all fade away. -The colors of my memories could disappear like the hue of this day. It’s all about mixing like a portrait of the sky see the blending of colors right before your eyes. If you look in the distance you will see, how every lie comes together so beautifully in the land of blue

My thoughts likes to tease me on this day as my memories want to stay... I am so distracted by my past the minutes and hours keep moving so fast. How long can this feeling last? Why must I forget about my past? Why can’t they just wait? Wait!

While, I sit here waiting I come to find a letter that was written me in attempts to change my mind. This man whose name starts with the letter J, I have chosen to leave him I chose to runaway.

He offers me suggestions that sound so absurd, but I continue reading taking in his every word.

If what he has written is true then surrendering to him is what I should do? In the land of blue he claims I will come to find the wisdom to soothe my troubled mind.

He writes about a garden-“it is a beauty to be seen, come see this land; you will see what I mean. Just come down to this land of blue once you get there I will tell you what to do.”

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