Starship Victory: The Fairer Sex

By Joey Peters

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011, Joey Peters

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The Fairer Sex

The Civilizations of the Galaxy

The Fairer Sex

The fact that the civilization had been destroyed was most puzzling. From what data could be gleamed from the planet’s few surviving computers the inhabitants had been living an average of one hundred and fifty years. That beat the Galactic Union’s average by a good twenty years.

Sam Dunwich had spent the last three years researching Earth-57’s incredible medical advances. For a world with otherwise twentieth century development, they could fully clone organs and heal neurological damage far in excess of their technological development.

And finally Sam Dunwich was certain how.

The image revealed itself on the nano-scope, a tiny machine, no bigger than a particularly complex molecule. Medical nanites. The philosopher’s stone of medical science.

Across the table Doctor Horowitz looked strange. Green, almost. He groaned.

He charged into the decontamination chamber and kicked it on. He was engulfed in steam. Finally, after a few brief moments he stepped into the observation cell. He pulled off his mask. His beard fell away with the mask, a few hairs holding onto his chin for dear life. And something about his body shape seemed off to Doctor Dunwich as well.

“I think,” Doctor Horowitz gasped, “I think I’m turning into a woman.”

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