Doolin’s Second Pub

K. Writerly

Copyright 2011 by K. Writerly

Smashwords Edition

The goal was simple: increase tourism and boost the economy in the tiny seaside village of Doolin, Ireland. The plan was simple and it was going to work. In fact, it did work – brilliantly! – but in a very surprising and unexpected way.


Rory, more accurately known as Sir Roland Henry Wallace MacCormac IV, was bored. Leaving London and returning to his ancestral home, Doolin Tower, was all well and good… in theory. Since the renovation of the drafty stone structure, the nearby rural village had seen a very welcome and marked rise in tourism but, well, Rory wasn’t really the country sort.

I have a smashing idea,” he informed his lifelong butler on one of Ireland’s rare, sunny autumn days. “Let’s sponsor a football match.”

A… football match, sir?”

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