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Brian Khast

Copyright Brian Khast

Bondage Books

First Smashwords Edition April 2011


Claire Fairmont breezed into the Managing Director’s outer office, as usual exuding both confidence and a heavy whiff of expensive perfume. She was dressed in a beautifully cut ‘Donna Karen’ suit whose midnight blue tone matched her sloe eyes, a white ‘Galliano’ blouse and high heeled shoes which made her look taller than her normal 5’ 6”. She trailed a cloud of Yves St Laurent ‘Opium’ perfume in her wake.

“Morning, Butterball!” she addressed the MD’s secretary, enjoying the annoyance that flashed across the girl’s face.

The secretary was a short, tubby Eurasian girl in her late teens who resembled a Russian doll, with a small round head on a big round body and short stumpy legs. The contrast between her and the dark, glossy haired, long legged, slender but shapely Claire was as marked as the difference between a thoroughbred Alsatian dog and a mixed breed mongrel. The secretary’s name was actually Eli Patel but Claire rarely addressed her as anything other than ‘Butterball’.

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