Flesh on the Grill

Drac Von Stoller
Copyright 2011 by: Drac Von Stoller

Smashwords Edition

Charlie was sick and tired of cooking at his Uncle Sam's diner because all Sam had on the menu was the same bland stuff that had been cooked over twenty years. Charlie knew he could do better than his uncle ever could.  Charlie decided he had enough money saved up to open his own little diner in town.

The following morning he was going to tell his Uncle Sam today would be his last day to work at the diner.  Charlie broke the news to his Uncle Sam but Sam was hurt Charlie wanted to leave the family business. Sam said "Charlie why do you want to leave, haven't we paid you well and gave you all the free meals and a nice place to stay." Charlie answered "Please don't make this difficult for us both I'm not happy here anymore. I just feel that it's time for me to move on besides I'm a man now and I need to take care of my own self and start my own diner. I hope you understand uncle." Sam replied "Yes, I do understand I just wanted to believe you would just work here the rest of your life like I have but sometimes leaving the family business is for the best. When you open your new diner Charlie could I please come by and see what wonderful things you have done." "Sure, Uncle Sam you'll be the first person I call.

Now uncle come over and give me a big hug and wish me luck." “Ok, Charlie you take good care of yourself and don't forget to call me when the diner is finished said Uncle Sam." "Don't worry Uncle Sam you'll love my new diner, now tell everyone it's been a pleasure working here. Now I've got to get to the bank and take out a small loan to cover some of the construction costs for the new diner said Charlie." "Charlie why don't you let me give you the money you need to cover the remaining construction costs said uncle Sam." "No, I appreciate your kindness but I need to do this all alone just like you did when you started your diner said Charlie." "Well alright, we'll be talking soon Charlie said Uncle Sam.

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