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FOREWORD for medical purposes. A medical doctor should diagnose and treat you and their advice should be adhered to in relation to SCREEN. Do not use SCREEN while driving, or doing anything other than relaxing in a chair. Consult your doctor if you feel able to reduce medication after SCREEN

HOW IT WORKS Like psychological interventions, SCREEN has effectiveness hypotheses
1. Vivid thoughts of an event create ‘negative’ emotions. If thoughts are less vivid, the mind is freer
2. Feeling not in control creates negative emotions. SCREEN gives the mind a ‘remote control tool’
. ‘Negative’ emotions result from a negative event. SCREEN links the event to more positive emotions
4. Help different emotions separately. E.g. SCREEN sadness, anger and guilt 3 times on 3 occasions

RE-APPLICATION In the following cases, SCREEN may be re-applied as needed.
1. If an event has ended, emotions may not return. But ongoing events may return emotions
2. Genetically inherited emotional condition could, after therapy, re-manifest the emotion.

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