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EVIDENCE Testimonials suggest only positive outcomes. If SCREEN helps you, please send the author improvements a doctor can validate. This helps us help others. If you wish to conduct formal research into the effectiveness of SCREEN, consult the author for support and possible grants.

PSYCHOLOGICAL THERAPISTS teach SCREEN to clients, especially those with so many life problems they may not be helped quickly, to try to relieve some issues at home before the next session.

HOW TO CURE…’ eBook series is not a con, scam or anti orthodox medicine. If an illness not helped adequately by orthodox medicine seems dodgy, Allan J. Sweeney exposed these failures of medicine and through general investigations suggests new ways forwards. Academic research and case study analysis allay fears of skepticism and the paranormal. When a person isn’t helped by a medical dr Allan J. Sweeney suggests ways to alleviate suffering and improve quality of life.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO PUBLISH AN EBOOK (or One-Page Coffee-Break Book idea)? Our team is fast and helpful. After we agree, your book is uploaded for publication on Barnes and Noble, Sony, Kobo, Apple, Diesl, Kindle and iBookstore, in various formats within two weeks. You keep all net proceeds of your book, minus some publishing costs. Email

Other titles by Allan J. Sweeney on include
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Angels on Earth - Learn of soul path, love, and if you’re an angel-to-be.
3 –
Get Rich Happily - Easy lessons to Get Rich Happily
4 –
Poems to Make you Laugh, Cry and Think - Life’s a Load of Bananas.
5 –
The Cosmic Corporation - (Fiction) Human Michael studies to be a Saint.
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