A Tiny Tale — The Dentist

Willie Wit

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 Willie Wit

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The Dentist

People come to me with pain in their lives, and I sort it for them. I have never considered it to be a job – it's more of a social service really. One I often take great satisfaction in doing. Not everyone has the temperament for this type of work. Dealing with people isn't easy – especially when emotions can be running high, or people are feeling vulnerable. I always try to be sensitive.

Most say they couldn't do this themselves. Its too 'up close and personal' for a lot of people, 'sensitive types' I call them. It's never bothered me. Once you get past the first time it's plain sailing.. generally. Soon you aren't affected by peoples fear, you can just shut it out – you get hardened to it. Eventually you can look them straight in the eye, without a hint of hesitation.

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