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Morning Ran Red

Bowman ranks with the top mystery writers!”

Clive Cussler

An infectious read. I could not put this book down!”

Kingsport Press

Better than Capote’s ‘In Cold Blood’”

Lincoln Journal

Morning Ran Red is being released in electronic format in preparation for and in recognition of the 100th anniversary of what many consider the most intriguing unsolved mass murder mystery of United States history.

MRR, as it is known to fans, has been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of readers for both its literary quality and as a timeless true crime thriller.

At the time of its first release, many residents of Villisca asked the author not to publish the story, a controversy with which the town had struggled for decades. The author decided to change the names of the town and the characters. After all, the goal was to write about an intriguing story, not to write an expose about the town. This accommodation was soon mitigated when the first publisher sent a press release that a book had been published about the Villisca Axe Murders.

Today, MRR itself has become a part of the history, credited by some with helping to heal century-old wounds, and chastised by others. It has also been credited with bringing an important tourism economy to Villisca in these days of struggling rural communities.

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