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Practical Tarot’s Quick Start Guide to Learning and Reading the Cards

Barbara Moore

Practical Tarot

Practical Tarot’s Quick Start Guide to Learning the Cards


Quick Start Guides from Practical Tarot are designed to build a solid foundation in a short time and with maximum efficiency. Upon completion of any Quick Start Guide, you will have the skills to move forward in your studies with confidence. This particular guide, Learning the Cards, allows you to develop card meanings that resonate with you. Because the final interpretation will come from your direct experience with the cards, you will learn and remember the card meanings more easily. The interpretations will also be more meaningful for you than simply using meanings from a book. Once you create your basic language for each card, you can combine them in readings. Be sure to check out Practical Tarot’s Quick Start Guide to Tarot Readings for a comprehensive approach to conducting a tarot reading.

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