Peggy Webb

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Publishing History/Bantam/Loveswept

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Hallie left the rodeo with her pockets full of winnings. Her spurs jingled as she unhooked them. Then she climbed into her 1967 El Dorado Cadillac and headed toward home.

Home was a modest duplex with a fenced-in yard, a garage, a roof that didn’t leak, and a front porch with a scrawny potted petunia and two enormous Great Danes. She leaned down to cuddle the dogs’ big heads and receive their lavish attentions. Opening her front door, she whistled them inside.

“Let’s pack, boys. We’re going camping.”

She could almost hear the freedom of the outdoors calling her name. Besides her family, that large rambunctious group of Donovans, she loved freedom and adventure most in the world. She had decided to camp for a few days before wheeling on up to her brother’s ranch to meet her twin sister who was coming down from Alaska for her vacation.

She pulled off her chaps, then flipped on the radio while she worked, finding a station that played the kind of classical music her dogs were partial to. They cocked their big heads and wagged their tails in time to the music.

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