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A whole new world...

By C.T. Rushfirth.

Text copyright ©2012 C.T. Rushfirth

All rights reserved.

Dedication: To James and Summer, for giving me the time to do this and forgiving me for neglecting you whilst I was working.

Chapter 1.

Blah, blah, blah.

17 year old Jessica is just a typical teenager. In her eyes she is plain looking, with long straight hair that is as black as a star less sky and rests about halfway down her back. Her eyes are as brown as chocolate but are too close together and her nose is too big however, her hearing is exceptional and she hears things which can be up to 5 miles away, including whispers. She has mood swings and she thought her Mum and Dad were ALWAYS in the wrong; she should be able to stay out past curfew if she had to and she NEEDED a car. These were just a few things she argued with her mum and dad about, there were a million and one other things she could think of but she didn’t have time. One ordinary Monday morning, just as she was leaving for school, her mum asked her to come into the living room. She knew this would probably turn into an argument.

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