Dorabella’s Revenge from the Grave

Drac Von Stoller

Copyright 2011 by: Drac Von Stoller

Smashwords Edition

The Baron de Graff and his wife Dorabella lived in a beautiful castle in Scotland. The Baron de Graff and Dorabella were so in love and it showed at their lavish parties that were held in their ballroom. The Baron was a jealous husband that if any many should lay eyes on Dorabella in a way that made the Baron uncomfortable they would be brought down to the dungeon and punished and if that didn't teach them a lesson they would be put on the chopping block thus losing their head.

Not many men dare test the jealous Baron because if they did Dorabella would be last woman they ever laid eyes on.  Dorabella loved her husband dearly but with the Baron's jealous eyes made things hard on their marriage which made Dorabella resent her husband even more. The Baron would love to show off Dorabella's beauty at their parties and any guest that came to the castle.  But the Baron's jealously was about to come to a head because the Baroness had all she could take and Dorabella took a liking to one of her grounds keeper.

While her husband Baron de Graff was out hunting the Baroness Dorabella and the grounds keeper were upstairs rolling under the covers making passionate love together.  But the love making was lasting long enough for Baron de Graff to arrive home early and catch Dorabella and the grounds keeper in the act and being that the Baron was jealous would push him over the edge to have them both killed.

The Baron was furious at what he just witnessed and told them both to get out of bed and head straight to the dungeon where they both could die together. The Baron and two of his servants escorted Baroness Dorabella and the groundskeeper to the dungeon to be tortured to death. The groundskeeper was tied to the rack and stretched all four limbs just enough to make him scream until he passed out from so much pain. Cold water would be thrown in his face to bring him to so he would have to endure more pain.

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