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Its Dead Leave It Alone!

Drac Von Stoller
Copyright 2011 by: Drac Von Stoller

Smashwords Edition

It is said that if something is dead it might just be a good idea to leave it alone especially if it is evil. We all know that there is always someone that can't leave well enough alone.  Luther was one of those that wasn't scared of nothing especially if it was dead and buried. Luther felt superior over something buried six feet underground because he knew he was safe if he danced on their grave or desiccated it in any way. Then one day when some of his friends dared him to dance and desiccate the grave of a man that legend has it was a real werewolf located deep in the woods buried near a stream by an abandoned house. The werewolves wooden tombstone read whosoever disturbs my sleep when the moon is full will surely die by the hands of the werewolf.

Luther thought the legend was hogwash and what an easy dare. Luther agreed to the dare and said "You guys are a bunch of fools there are no such things as werewolves." "Luther you can only go through with the dare if there's a full moon if not the dare is no good and you will be the laughing stock of all your friends said Jason." "Don't you worry I won't let my friends down said Luther."

Luther waited until the moon was full and called Jason so he would have proof.  Jason told Luther to video tape himself dancing on the werewolf’s grave and saying the words there are no such things as werewolves three times. 

Everything was going as planned Luther danced on the werewolf's grave and right as Luther said "There are no such things as werewolves on the third time the werewolf's hand came out of his grave and grabbed Luther's ankle. Luther fell to the ground looked at his ankle and couldn't free himself then the werewolf emerged from his grave.

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